IRT’s Tech Tip Tuesday: DeptStore

From Information Resources and Technologies

This week we continue our series of tech tips on IRT-supported Web-based accessible resources. The topic for this installment is Deptstore and includes information on: Deptstore @ UST, storing documents, sharing files, folder permissions and how to access Deptstore remotely.

Deptstore @ UST

At the University of St. Thomas, a central storage directory is available for each department on campus. This resource, called Deptstore, is located on the UST network. Deptstore is backed up nightly (unlike your desktop), and accessible from anywhere on campus (unlike your desktop), making it possible for you to easily download and upload files to Deptstore.

Storing documents

Deptstore makes it possible for you to store your files on a central server that is accessible across campus. When you use Deptstore you have the added assurance that your files are backed up on a regular basis. Unlike your desktop which could fail causing considerable time and frustration in lost data. Deptstore is available 24/7.

Share your files with your department

Deptstore folders are a great resource available to every department at UST. One of the best ways to use Deptstore is through file sharing. How many times have you been sent attachments for review? After the attachments have been edited by multiple people it is often hard to determine which copy is the “final” version; instead of one copy you end up with multiple copies each slightly different from the other. Or maybe you need to access a file and the only copy is on your vacationing co-worker’s hard drive. One of the benefits of Deptstore is that you can create one file that everyone in your department can access at any time (although not everyone can access the file at the same time).

Folder permissions

Do you work with confidential information that should be accessed only by a limited number of people? Folder permissions on Deptstore can accommodate this need. All of the folders in Deptstore can be assigned varying degrees of permissions based on business need in your department. Access levels can be set from read only to modify. Your department can determine who needs what level of access to your departmental folders.

Accessing Deptstore1 remotely – PC users

You can access Deptstore1 remotely from any location on a PC using Internet Explorer.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. From the File menu, choose Open
  3. Enter (make sure you put an s after http)
  4. Click in the Open as Web Folder box (clicking in this box allows you to upload and download files)
  5. Click OK

Enter your UST username and password and domain “UST” when prompted. If you are not prompted for a domain, enter “UST/username” in the username field. A window will open up with folder contents that can be accessed via drag-and-drop like any Windows folder (assuming you have rights to the folder, of course).

Accessing Deptstore1 using MacOS X 10.4

  1. Click Go on the top menu
  2. Click Connect to Server
  3. Enter
    Note: Don't forget the s after http, or you won't connect.
  4. Click the "+" sign on the right to add the address to your Favorite Server list.
  5. Click Connect
  6. Enter Username and Password with UST\ in front of your username. (If you get an error message that the username and password are incorrect and you know that you entered them correctly, press Cancel and it should take you into Deptstore1)
  7. A shortcut now should show up on your desktop.

If you restart your computer and need to reconnect, click on Go.

Click on Connect to Server Again. Now you can choose the entry in your Favorite Servers list and click Connect.

If you have any questions about Deptstore or any of the technology provided on campus, please contact the IRT Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.