Is going to B-School a good choice for you?

By Ujin Han, M.B.A. '12

What factors should you consider in making the decision to attend graduate business school? Let’s face it, a graduate degree is a huge investment of your time and money. You’ll have to give up sleeping in on weekends, going out to fancy restaurants and you can definitely forget about that vacation in Napa you planned.

In this short video, Nicole Williams, connection director at LinkedIn, talks about key factors you should consider when making that big decision to get a graduate degree and what you need to figure out beforehand to get the most out of the program.


The most important aspect she mentions is the biggest mistake that people make when coming into an MBA program: they think they will figure out what they want to do during the program. But you’ll get the most out of any MBA when you have a focus and know that you want to get out of it going in.

Also, building connections is another huge aspect of going to b-school—having access to faculty, other professionals from different backgrounds, and the alumni network. This can be your greatest return on investment in an MBA program. However, like everything else in life, you will get out of an MBA program what you put in it.