Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign Ready to Kick Open the Door in 2012

The 2012 St. Thomas Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign is under way. As the university prepares to wrap up the Opening Doors capital campaign, the timing seems right to launch the most ambitious Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign St. Thomas has seen.

The 2011 campaign was five donors short of achieving 50 percent participation. That percentage placed St. Thomas third among the private colleges in Minnesota. In 2010, St. Thomas achieved its highest participation in the campaign when it reported 53 percent participation. This is a tremendous increase from just 11 years ago when the Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign was running at 15 percent participation.

The 2012 Faculty and Staff Campaign has set its sights on being the most successful in the school’s history, and we’re not talking a goal of 53.1 percent  participation. The goal for this year’s campaign is 60 percent. In order to achieve this, 924 faculty and staff donors will be required.

The focus of the Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign is participation. There is no dollar goal. The amount of your gift is not as important as the fact that you are participating. If you were a donor in last year’s campaign, thank you and please continue your support with a gift this year. If you did not participate in last year’s campaign, we need you!

As an added incentive to giving to this year’s campaign, all gifts will be matched by a group of generous the St. Thomas trustees. For every dollar you give, these trustees will provide a dollar to the middle-income and merit-based scholarship funds at St. Thomas.

Making a gift is easy. You can give cash, write a check or use your credit card or payroll deduction.

The 2011 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign saw several departments on campus achieve 100 percent participation. Congratulations and thanks to the following:

Two other departments had more than a 50 percent participation:

The university’s capital campaign is all about opening doors. Let’s blow the hinges off those doors with the best Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign in St. Thomas’ history.

If you have any questions about the campaign or your status as a donor in this year’s campaign, please contact me, John Bannigan, (651) 962-6982.