Michael Stokes Paulsen.
Mike Ekern/University of St. Thomas

Law Professor Michael Stokes Paulsen Publishes Revised Casebook

The fifth edition of The Constitution of the United States (2023), co-authored by law professor Michael Stokes Paulsen, has been published by West Academic.

Publisher's summary:

The casebook emphasizes the text, structure and history of the Constitution. It uses "great cases" for learning the major issues in constitutional law and it gives less attention to small ripples of contemporary doctrine. It emphasizes the task of interpretation, including many examples of the interpretation of the Constitution by the political branches.

The fifth edition has new cases on free speech (e.g. NIFLA), free exercise (Carson), the Second Amendment (Bruen), substantive due process (Dobbs) and Article V (Dillon), as well as new executive materials on the Equal Rights Amendment. There are also new assignments on free speech in schools and universities and on freedom of the press and the internet. Like the previous editions, this edition gives attention to features of our constitutional history that are neglected in many casebooks, such as slavery, the amendment process, and the early history of the freedom of speech.