Library today: New biblical research database available

A new biblical research database tool,  BIBL Index – Biblia Patristica Online, is available for advanced researchers working in the areas of biblical hermeneutics and the early church. BIBL Index is the online version of the well known, if incomplete, Biblia Patristica.

Like Biblia Patristica, BIBL provides a working index of biblical quotations and allusions in early Christian literature, Greek and Latin. Used as a Scripture index to early church writings, researchers can trace the cited passage(s) to a critical edition like SourcesChrétiennes at Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library or online within TLG Thesaurus Linguae Graecae and Library of Latin Texts, formerly CETEDOC (online access on the way).

BIBL should prove a valuable tool for advanced users. Note that as the index is not nearly complete, some major figures are not included (St. Augustine for one) as well as some major works by included authors.

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