Library Today: Aquin, Purple and Gray Archives

Library Today: Aquin, Purple and Gray Archives – online and searchable!

From UST Libraries

Do you have information on the Cigar Bowl?

What can you tell me about Everett McGowan?

Did St. Thomas alumni and former students participate in D-Day?

Questions relating to the history of the University of St. Thomas are asked each day in University Archives (housed in the Department of Special Collections, O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library). In the past, finding needed information meant paging through fragile and disintegrating volumes of old Aquin and Purple and Gray newspapers. With no reliable index available, this was very time consuming for researchers. Not any more!

Over the summer, UST Libraries, with grant assistance from the Beverage Fund Committee, completed a project to digitize and make keyword-searchable more than12,000 pages of the The Aquin (1933-2007) and its predecessor, The Purple and Gray (1912-1933). Now you can now browse historical issues of these newspapers by date or search for specific information using keywords and phrases.

Access to this exciting new resource is available through a link on the University Archives Web page.

For more information contact Ann Kenne, head of special collections and university archivist, (651) 962-5461.

New electronic resource – Literary Criticism Online
UST libraries also announce the purchase of the newly digitized archive of Literary Criticism Online (LCO).

As an E-Resources Forum review noted: “For students, researchers, history buffs and literature lovers, there’s no better source than Literature Criticism Online to discover commentary on their favorite books and plays by the scholars of the day. How did the politics, religion and mores of centuries past influence literary critique? Draw comparisons and see how classic works have fared over the centuries via this resource’s easy-searching capabilities.”

LCO provides fingertip access to tens of thousands of hard-to-find essays and is designed to improve the quality of literary research.

At the same time, LCO offers around-the-clock online remote access demanded by today’s researchers. A more detailed description of LCO is available via the following link: Literary Criticism Online.

The UST community may access this new resource via the UST Libraries Web page.