Library today: Take a technology trek at O

Library today: Take a technology trek at O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center

From the staff of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center

Not so long ago, the main tools you needed to find in the library were the catalog, for books, and the indexes, for journal articles. Fast forward a few years, and today’s library is fairly teeming with technology. This new abundance can be a little confusing, especially in a big space like the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center on the St. Paul campus. The brief guide below may be of some help.

Level one
On the main level of the library, the catalog, indexes and other research resources are now mainly on computer and most are Web-based. Computers are located in two convenient “zones.” Banks of machines for the UST community (log on with your St. Thomas username and password) are on the right as you enter the building. In front of you, past the rotunda, is a bank of public access machines. Networked printers are in both areas; also, on the busy main floor are the assistive technology workstation, network jacks and wireless capability. In addition, you’ll find the reserve desk technology check out (to borrow both soft and hardware), photocopiers (soon to have scanning modes), a wide-screen library news display, and an ask-a-librarian e-mail station.

Lower and sub-level
To reach the information commons student computing lab, just head down one floor. Here you can find lots of computers and many of your friends and classmates. There are more computers on the sub-level, the floor below. In addition to the hardware that is everywhere, you will find the computer help desk staffed by folks eager to assist you in solving the problems you may have with UST technology. There is now a dedicated room for students to use for presentations – with a digital projector – and also a “quiet” enclosed computer space for those in search of a wired retreat. On the sub-level, you also will find the computers with class-specific software loaded.

Level two
For even quieter spaces, level two is ideal. The building’s wireless signal tends to be strongest here. Since libraries still collect a lot of microfilm and microfiche, you will find those resources here with readers and a scanner for those formats, and another photocopier and change machine. The large (30-plus seats) computer-equipped classroom is in Room 208 on this level.

Levels three and four
Come to level three for group and individual study space and video needs. The Media Resources Center houses UST’s sizeable video collections, providing screening facilities and viewing stations for cassettes and DVDs. Several group-study rooms are computer and network equipped. The library instruction lab, Room 314, is also on level three.