Naughton and Goodpaster Collaborate on Book About Purpose of Catholic Higher Education

Michael Naughton, director of the Center for Catholic Studies, and Ken Goodpaster, Professor Emeritus in the Opus College of Business, have coauthored the book, What We Hold in Trust: Rediscovering the Purpose of Catholic Higher Education.

About the book: The Catholic university that sees its principal purpose in terms of the active life, of career, and of changing the world, undermines the contemplative and more deep-rooted purpose of the university. If a university adopts the language of technical and social change as its main and exclusive purpose, it will weaken the deeper roots of the university's liberal arts and Catholic mission. The language of the activist, of changing the world through social justice, equality and inclusion, or of the technician through market-oriented incentives, plays an important role in university life. We need to change the world for the better and universities play an important role, but both the activist and technician will be co-opted by our age of hyper-activity and technocratic organizations if there is not first a contemplative outlook on the world that receives reality rather than constructs it.