Openings available in faculty and staff golf league

Openings available on faculty and staff golf league

The faculty and staff golf league will form again this year. The league has been expanded to accommodate eight additional golfers.

The league meets each Tuesday for 14 weeks, beginning Tuesday, May 20 (no golf on July 1). Tee times run between 4 and 4:45 p.m.

The cost is $20 per week with $180 due up front for the first half of the season. The remaining $100 is due at week eight.

Play alternates weekly between the front and back nines at Highland National Golf Course in St. Paul.

Alternates also are needed for the league and can play as needed, paying only for that week. Full-time play is open to only faculty and staff of UST. All skill levels are welcome.

If you are interested in playing, contact Kevin Knutson, (651) 962-6807. Note in your e-mail the partner with whom you'd like to play; if you don’t have a partner that is OK, too.

League format

The league plays in a two-person match-and medal-play format. Partners are picked and retained for the entire season. The league is flighted and handicapped. Whichever player has the lower handicap each week is the A player. The higher handicapped player is the B player. Each team's A player will be matched against an opposing team's A player, and each team's B player will be matched against the opposing team's B player each week.

Each pair competes in both match and medal (stroke) play each week. Points then are awarded to winning teams.

If that's confusing, don't worry – the league takes care of it all. All you have to do is show up, play your best each week, and most of all have fun.