Preliminary voting begins today for 2007 Tommie Award

 Preliminary voting begins today for 2007 Tommie Award

Preliminary voting for the the 2007 Tommie Award gets under way today. Every student, faculty and staff member may vote once for one of the 27 nominees for the 2007 Tommie Award.

A profile and photo of each nominee is provided at the voting Web site. The voting location may be accessed by clicking on the special Tommie Award voting link that is published in Bulletin Today each day through Dec. 6.

When you access the ballot you may be prompted for your UST username and password. If the prompt asks for a domain, enter UST. If the prompt rejects your username, enter (yourusername) in the username field and then your standard password. If you are not sure of your password, go to

At the conclusion of the preliminary voting in December, three nominees will be announced for the final voting process in mid-February.

The Tommie Award has been presented to a senior annually since 1931. It recognizes achievement in scholarship, leadership and campus involvement. The St. Thomas community selects the recipient of the award, which represents the highest ideals of the university.

The Tommie Award is sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs. For more information, contact Brian Dusbiber, (651) 962-4790.