Professional Notes

Kate Boyle, Jane Rauenhorst and Heide Malat, pre-doctoral interns in Counseling and Career Services, presented a workshop at the 2000 Big 10 College Counseling Centers conference at the University of Minnesota. The program was titled "An Integrative Career Model: Where Personal and Career Counseling Intersect." It showcased the University of St. Thomas Career Services model. The presentation challenged institutions to look at partnering relationships between students and faculty, administration and staff, different university departments and various universities.

Dr. Stephen Brookfield, Distinguished Professor, School of Education, is the author of a book, Discussion as a Way of Teaching, which has just been named as a 1999 American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Selection.

Mary Margaret Hoden, Theology Department and Development Office, was a keynote speaker for the annual day of reflection at St. Alphonsus parish Feb. 26. Hoden's presentation was titled "Our Personal Relationship With God as Reflected in the Documents of the Second Vatican Council."

The Rev. Jan Michael Joncas, Theology Department, offered two programs in Naples, Fla., last month, sponsored by the UST Center for Senior Citizens' Education: "Searching for the Sacred in Sight, Sound and Text" and "The PsalmsP: Textual and Musical Interpretation."

David Link, School of Law, was quoted in a Feb. 18 article, "Ave Maria: A 'Seriously Catholic' Law School" in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article examined issues surrounding faith-based legal education, particularly at Ave Maria School of Law, a Catholic law school that will open next fall in Ann Arbor, Mich. Link said, "It's important to hire people who believe in your mission, but there's a danger that you can become too doctrinal. [St. Thomas is] looking for all kinds of people to explore ethical questions and to bring their own faith to the table. We want to help frame the questions, but it's not up to us to supply the answers."

Dr. David Penchansky, Theology Department, is the co-editor with Paul Redditt of a new book, Shall Not the Judge of All the Earth Do What is Right?: Studies on the Nature of God in Tribute to James L. Crenshaw (Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns, 2000). Penchansky also contributed two articles to the book: "James L. Crenshaw, An Appreciation," and "Job's Wife: The Satan's Handmaid."

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, attended the annual Religious Faith and Literary Art conference sponsored by the Institute for Faith and Learning at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Rogers presented a paper, "'Feeling After God': Materiality and Mystery in Dennis Covington's Salvation on Sand Mountain," which considered the sacramental theology in Covington's autobiographical account of southern Appalachian snake-handling sects.

Dr. Thomas Sturm, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science Department, gave a presentation on computer hardware and software engineering to high school students in the St. Paul Connections "Introduction to Engineering" program. Sturm also gave a presentation on the risks of radio frequency exposure and compliance with the new FCC guidelines on radio frequency exposure to the American Red Cross.