Professional Notes

Professional notes

Dean Maines, SAIP Institute, Opus College of Business, is the author of two articles, "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (FCPA)" and "Clarkson Principles for Business," published in the Oct. 2007 Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society. He also is the author of an article, "Creating Cultures of Responsible Conduct," that will appear in the March/April 2008 issue of MX Magazine, a bimonthly publication for medical technology business executives. 

James Hall, Business Office, and students in the Leadership in Student Affairs master's program, Dave Newell, Joy Hemmesch and Katie Mooty, took third place in the annual Virtual Case Study Competition. The online competition is open to graduate students matriculating in a master's-level program in student personnel administration, higher education or counseling for at least six credits during the corresponding spring semester. Hall also is enrolled in the Leadership in Student Affairs master's program.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, was invited as a "distinguished guest" to the ninth annual Chicago Irish Film Festival Feb. 29-March 1 at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago. Rogers represented the American Conference for Irish Studies (of which he is vice president) at the festival's opening. He also introduced two documentary films and led the question-and-answer sessions after the showings.