Professional Notes

Professional notes

Editor's note: The next edition of this weekly column will be published on Tuesday, Sept. 2. Deadline for submission is 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 27 (one day earlier than usual due to the Labor Day holiday).

Dr. Pamela Nice, Center for Faculty Development, is the creator of a documentary, "Dreaming in Morocco," which was named an official selection for the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival this August in Houston.

Bethany Rhein, Kelsey Shultz, Carl Mickman and Amanda Plourde, undergraduate biology students, presented posters at the 75th annual Minnesota Academy of Science meeting/Tri-Beta National Biology Honor Society regional conference, April 25-26 at Bethel College. The papers on which the posters were based, along with their co-authors and advisers are: Bethany Rhein, Joe Dubis and Dr. Jayna Ditty (adviser), “The Effect of Differing Photoperiods on the Output Genes psbA1 and purF of the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus”; Kelsey Shultz and Dr. Glenn Sherer (adviser), “An Angioblastic Mechanism for Hepatic Vasculogenesis?”; Carl Mickman, Jeremy Stubblefield, Mary Harrington and Dr. Dwight Nelson (adviser), “Photoperiod Alters the Phase Difference Between Activity Onset in vivo and mPer2::luc Peak in vitro”; and Amanda Plourde and Dr. Jennifer Cruise (adviser), “Rap's Role in the PI3K Signaling Pathway.” Mickman took home a Frank Brooks award for the best talk in his session and was invited to present his work at the national Tri-Beta meeting in Kentucky later this spring.