Professional Notes

UST's own DeAnn Kautzmann, who works in MBA Admissions at the Opus College of Business, won a red ribbon (second place) for her rhubarb jam at the Minnesota State Fair. It's too late to get one for your pantry. We're told Dan Gjelten, UST Libraries director, scarfed down the last jar.

Professional Notes

Susan Anderson, Academic Counseling Center, is one of 10 professionals who have been selected from an international pool for the 2008-10 Class of Emerging Leaders of the National Academic Advising Association. The purpose of the two-year Emerging Leaders program is to provide an intentional and focused mentoring experience for members who are interested in becoming more involved in the association. Anderson will work closely with a mentor from NACADA to gain the skills, experiences and knowledge needed to move into a leadership position in the association. During the first year of the program, Anderson will be provided with funding to participate in a variety of NACADA programs and events that she may not have had the opportunity experience in the past.

Dr. James Callahan, professor emeritus, Music Department, had his music featured at "Voices of Guantánamo," an evening of poetry, music, theater and dance Sept. 5-6 at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis. The event was a benefit for the Center for Victims of Torture.

Students from the Chemistry Department presented posters describing their research at the MRSEC Summer Undergraduate Research Expo Aug. 7   at the McNamara Alumni Center of the University of Minnesota and sponsored by the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology.   Participating students, their poster titles and advisers were:

Logan Bodnia, “Analysis of Atrazine Using Solid Phase Extraction and LC-MS-MS,” Mary Hammer, “ESI High Resolution MS Analysis of Common Commercial Products,” Andrew Rischall, “Increasing Sensitivity of Gas Phase Microdialysis Probes Using a Carbon Nanotube Coated Column,” and Godino Kalungi, Albert Kertho, and Jaryd Heyer, “Extraction and Analysis of Perfluorinated Compounds ( PFCs) in an Aqueous Environment,” all students of Dr. Tony Borgerding;

Melissa Joyce, “A Computational Study of TiH 5 + and CH 5 +,” student of Dr. Joseph Brom; Andrew Knoff, “A Clickable Vitamin D Derivative,” Luyen Nguyen, “Synthesis of a Novel Oxazolidinone Antimicrobial,” and James Stokman, “Synthesis and Testing of a Novel Antimicrobial,” students of Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti;

Patrick Hawk , “ Thiol Place Exchange of Fluorescently Labeled Thiol-Decorated Au Nanoparticles and Disulfides in a Heterogeneous Environment Composed of Aqueous and Organic Layers,” and William Montes, “Printing Non-Polar Polymers Using the Bioforce Nano eNabler Open Channel Micropatterning Tool,” students of Dr. Thomas Marsh;

Jaclyn Fermanich, “Intermolecular Interactions in Crystalline Benzylideneanilines: Packing Motifs Differentiating Some Bromo/Cyano and Fluoro/Cyano Derivatives,” Anthony Gerten, “Toward Isostructural Isomeric Benzylideneanilines: A Severely Nonplanar Conformation Forced by 2,6-Disubstitution,” and Jeremy Leavell, “Structure-Defining Interactions Involving the Nitro Group in Crystalline ‘Bridge-Flipped’ Isomeric Phenylhydrazones,” students of Dr. William Ojala;

Andrew Korte, “Environmental Photochemistry and Photoproducts of Three Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics,” Louis Sigtermans, “Selection of Resistant Individuals Within an Environmental Bacterial Population in Response to Low-Level Exposure to an Antibacterial Agent,” Matthew Slattery, “Analysis of the Antibacterial Activity of Tetracycline and its Photoproducts,” and Amanda Stemig, “Antibacterial Activity of Oxytetracycline and its Photoproducts,” students of Dr. Kris Wammer.

Jon Athmann, a UST chemistry student participating in the Lando/NSF Summer Research Program in the Chemistry Department of the University of Minnesota under the direction of Dr. T. Andrew Taton, also presented a poster, “Synthesis of Multivalent Polymers for Biocompatible Micro and Nano Surfaces.”

Dr. Vanessa Cornett-Murtada, College of Arts and Sciences (Music Department), served as the chief examiner for the International Piano Performance Examination Committee last month in Taiwan. She taught piano lessons and master classes and adjudicated piano exams and performance diplomas in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, as well as in the smaller towns Changhua, Xiluo, Madou and Pingtung.

Dr. Michael P. Hennessey, School of Engineering, presented a paper titled “ Statics and Dynamics Projects Emphasizing Introductory Design and Manufacturing ” June 22-25 at the 2008 American Society for Engineering Education’s national conference in Pittsburgh.

Father Jan Michael Joncas, College of Arts and Sciences (Departments of Theology and Catholic Studies), is the author of two reviews – of Jeremy Begbie’sResounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music and Richard D. McCall’s Do This: Liturgy as Performance – published in the September issue of Worship, Vol. 82, No. 5.

Dr. William Ojala, College of Arts and Sciences (Chemistry Department), presented a poster, “ Nitrile-Halogen Contacts in Benzylideneanilines Revisited: The Influence of the Substitution Pattern,” May 31-June 5 at the 2008 annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association in Knoxville, Tenn. The presentation focused on intermolecular interactions significant in the design and preparation of new solid materials. Co-authors of the presentation were UST chemistry students Kendra Lystad, Jill Spude and Brianna MacQueen.

Dr. Mary Rose O'Reilley, professor emerita of English, is the author of an essay, "Revising Therese," and a poem, "Watching the End of the World from Hovland, Minnesota," in the summer issue of The Literary Review, Vol. 51, No. 4.

Dr. Thomas Dillon Redshaw, College of Arts and Sciences (English Department) and Center for Irish Studies, is the author of a review, “Rebel Lover,” published in the July issue of Poetry Ireland Review, the national poetry journal of the Republic of Ireland. It considers Company and The Pear is Ripe, two recent memoirs by Iri
sh poet John Montague.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, is the author of a review of Tim Robinson's Connemara: Listening to the Wind (Penguin, 2007). It appears in the fall issue of the Irish Literary Supplement (Vol. 28, No. 1), a publication of the Irish Studies Program of Boston College. Robinson generally is considered Ireland’s foremost environmental writer; Rogers calls the book “a remarkable literary achievement.”

Dr. Daniel Tight, College of Arts and Sciences (Modern and Classical Languages Department), presented a paper, “Perceptual Learning Style Matching and L2 Spanish Vocabulary Acquisition,” at AILA 2008 – the 15 th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Aug. 29 in Essen, Germany.