Professional Notes

Dr. Jean Birbilis, L.P., B.C.B., Graduate School of Professional Psychology, has been invited to participate in the third annual Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology sponsored by the American Psychological Association Committee on Women in Psychology, to be held in August 2010 in San Diego just prior to the APA Convention. A follow-up meeting has been scheduled for March 2011 in Washington, D.C. The mission of LIWP is to prepare, support and empower women psychologists as leaders to promote positive changes in institutional and organizational life and increase the diversity, number and effectiveness of women psychologists as leaders. Thirty mid-career women psychologists from across the United States are selected to participate in the LIWP each year.

Dr. John Boyle,Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, will receive the annual Pope John Paul II Catholic Servant of the Third Millennium Award May 20 at the Catholic Servant newspaper’s annual benefit dinner to be held at the Church of St. Helena in Minneapolis. Catholic Service editor John Sondag said of Boyle: “His influence is not only at the University of St. Thomas. He has given numerous talks for Opus Dei programs which he has promoted in the Twin Cities, he has spoken at many adult education programs and, closer to home, he has given much theological advice to the Catholic Servant. … The goals of the Catholic Servant are evangelization, catechesis and apologetics. Dr. Boyle epitomizes these goals.”

Dr. Terence Nichols, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of an article, “On War and Terrorism,” published in the Ammon News (Jordan). 

Dani Roach and Carolyn DeLuca,UST Libraries, presented “E-Book Management – It Sounds Serial!” Feb. 3 at the Electronic Resources and Libraries meeting in Austin, Texas. Their presentation described how the libraries at the University of St. Thomas manage e-book content from acquisition to delivery, emphasizing how this hybrid behaves more like e-journals or databases than books. They provided robust examples of the existing management tools librarians use to accommodate them. Roach also presented a webinar on loading cost data into Counter®, a statistical resource designed to account for the use of electronic journal and databases, for Serials Solutions® in March 2010. As part of the webinar, Roach created six Captivate Tutorials, which provide step-by-step instructions on gathering, massaging and uploading the data into Counter®. The University of St. Thomas invested in this product in 2009 and has been migrating statistical and financial data into it to determine a cost per use for each of our databases and electronic journals. This vital tool helps the librarians determine how best to use their financial resources – getting the most out of each product – as well keeps them informed on resources that need to be more fully presented to their constituencies.

James Rogers,Center for Irish Studies, attended the 2010 national meeting of the American Conference for Irish Studies, hosted by Pennsylvania State University, Abingdon, May 5-8 at State College, Pa. Rogers, who is president of ACIS, attended academic sessions and executive meetings throughout the conference. He organized a panel, “Irish America and the Mainstream: Urban and Suburban Perspectives,” on which he presented a paper, “Staying Inside the Little Boxes? Irish-American Memoirs of Suburbia.”