Professional Notes

Dr. Mark DelCogliano, adjunct professor in the Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of “The Influence of Athanasius and the Homoiousians on Basil of Caesarea’s Decentralization of ‘Unbegotten,’” which was published in the Journal of Early Christian Studies, 19.2 (2011): 197–233.

Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale, associate professor of finance, Opus College of Business, participated in the Special Roundtable Session and its organization at the FMA European meeting in Hamburg, Germany, June 2010, titled “Total Risk Evaluation for Capital Budgeting.” This session is published in the journal of the FMA, The Journal of Applied Finance: Jaiswal-Dale A., Brod S., Glaum M., Salchow S., “Total Risk Evaluation for Capital Budgeting – Roundtable Discussion,” Journal of Applied Finance, Vol. 21, No. 1, 2011.

N. Curtis LeMay, director of the Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library, began serving as the secretary of the Academic Library Section of the Catholic Library Association and  was appointed chair of the Continuing Education Committee at the association’s June conference in New Orleans; he presented a poster session, “Sharing Regional Religious History Using Digital Images,” at the 2011 American Theological Library Association Conference in Chicago; he was elected secretary of the Minnesota Theological Library Association in June 2011.