Professor Kenneth Goodpaster Publishes 'Conscience, Corporations, and the Common Good'

In September 2022, Springer Publishers published Emeritus Professor Kenneth Goodpaster's new book, Times of Insight: Conscience, Corporations, and the Common Good, as part of its Eminent Voices in Business Ethics book series. The book is designed for students, scholars, and the general business community.

About the book: Goodpaster critically reviews the nearly 50 years of his teaching and research in the field of business and applied ethics. He identifies four insights in applied ethics: the moral insight, the institutional insight, the anthropological insight, and the Socratic insight. And in the process, he highlights such concepts as conscience, corporate responsibility, stockholders, stakeholders, comprehensive moral thinking, and ethics education. In addition, Goodpaster explains phrases such as teleopathy, moral projection, human dignity, and the common good. The book examines with concern the implications of the foregoing for the polarizing and partisan trends in contemporary business behavior. The book is available both in print and in an open access version made possible due to support from the Opus College of Business. The open access copy of the book is available at St. Thomas.