Public Safety advisory: Forced-entry burglary on North Wilder Street in St. Paul

From Public Safety

The Public Safety Department would like to advise the UST community of a burglary that occurred off campus.

Late on June 28, a St. Thomas student reported to a university official that a forced-entry burglary had occurred at their residence on the 200 block of North Wilder Street. The crime occurred during the early evening hours of June 27.

According to the victims, an unknown suspect used a fence near the house to reach a window that is approximately 7 feet above ground level. The suspect kicked in a window screen and jumped through the window. At the time, the victims were taking naps. The suspect opened one of the bedroom doors, which awakened a resident. The suspect then left the dwelling. Personal property, believed to be owned by the suspect, was left behind.

Public Safety and the St. Paul Police Department are working together to solve this crime. If you have any information about this crime, you are urged to call the St. Paul Police at (651) 266-5632, or the St. Thomas Public Safety investigator Mike Barrett at (651) 962-5106.

The following are safety recommendations:

  • Always lock your doors and draw your shades at night.
  • Leave on exterior and interior lights.
  • Use only high-quality dead-bolt locks.
  • Ensure that windows are locked securely.
  • Keep in touch with your neighbors. Offer your phone number and use theirs in case of emergencies.
  • Watch other houses for anything suspicious.
  • If you suspect your home has been broken into or someone is inside your home, immediately dial 911 from any off-campus phone or 2-5555 from any on-campus phone.

The University of St. Thomas has resources on campus available to assist off-campus students with landlord/tenant issues. In relation to this advisory, if there are security or safety issues with the off-campus house you live in, the university can act as a helpful resource. Please contact Public Safety at (651) 962-5100 or the UST neighborhood liaison at (651) 962-6123 for more information.

Public Safety urges you to be proactive and alert. You can help prevent crime.