Public Safety issues parking-contract notice for Minneapolis campus full-time day students

Beginning Monday, April 19, and continuing through Monday, May 31, all current full-time Minneapolis campus students who purchased parking for the Minneapolis campus must terminate that contract on or before May 31.

Students who terminate their current contract also will have the opportunity to preregister for their 2010-11 parking contract at that time. Students who do not preregister may not receive a parking contract for the 2010-2011 school year.

Students at the time of termination must bring their contract card to Public Safety on the Minneapolis campus. Students who park on that day may pull a ticket at the ramp and receive a validation for that day from Public Safety. Failure to return cards will result in a $30 administrative fee in addition to the loss of the deposit on the card. Students who park in the UST surface parking lot will have their card access removed effective May 31.

To be eligible to preregister for a 2010-2011 parking contract, students must bring their UST student ID to the Public Safety desk in Opus Hall.

For answers to questions regarding your parking contract, or regarding parking and transportation options for fall semester, visit the Department of Public Safety in Room 203, Opus Hall, Minneapolis campus, or call (651) 962-4100.