Public Safety Posts Advisory Regarding Lot O Weapons Arrest

Public Safety would like to advise the University of St. Thomas community of an incident that occurred early Thursday morning on campus.

At approximately 4:45 a.m. on Oct. 11, officers patrolling Lot O came across a suspicious vehicle parked in front of the Binz Refectory. As the officers approached, a non-UST affiliated male suspect voluntarily stepped out of the vehicle. The suspect appeared to be confused and disoriented. When asked, he consented to a search of his person and officers found marijuana related paraphernalia on him.

When officers questioned the suspect as to why he was on campus, he claimed to have been studying on campus, but could not accurately describe where. The suspect then consented to a search of his vehicle. Suspected marijuana was recovered from the front of the vehicle, and a hand gun and several rounds of ammunition were recovered from the back seat of the vehicle. The hand gun was concealed in a binoculars case, under towels. The St. Paul Police Department was then contacted.

SPPD arrived a short time later, determined the firearm was stolen and arrested the suspect. He was formally trespassed from campus and taken into custody by SPPD. The suspect’s vehicle was later towed and impounded.

At this time there is no cause to believe there is an ongoing threat to the campus community.

For more information see Public Safety's advisory (PDF). All alerts, advisories and bulletins can be found on the Public Safety website.