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Giving Impact: Scholarships

Through the generosity of donors, each year St. Thomas Law is able to offer scholarships to students.

This story is featured in the winter 2020 issue of St. Thomas Lawyer.

Through the generosity of donors, each year St. Thomas Law is able to offer scholarships to students.

Meet two current students, 1L Javier Romay and 2L Mary Clare Mulcahy, who have each been directly impacted by the financial support from our law school community through scholarships.

Before attending law school, Romay worked as a personal care attendant. He is also a freelance musician and published cartoonist.

Romay said he wanted to attend law school because of his interest in music and protecting the rights of artists. He is considering a legal career in intellectual property so that he can advocate for creative individuals.

He says he has always wanted to help people in need and those who don’t have a voice in our legal system.

“I have always been interested in justice and fairness in the world,” Romay said. “From an early age, I took an interest in how and why it seems our society is not fair. I have always wanted to amend that in any way I can.”

Romay said the scholarship he received influenced his decision to attend St. Thomas.

“After I submitted my application, the enthusiasm and generosity I experienced from St. Thomas drew me in instantly,” Romay said. “My scholarship was very influential in my decision to attend.”

Like many law students, Romay had concerns about how he would pay for school and didn’t want to have any added pressure that could take away from his studies.

“My scholarship definitely helps relieve the financial stress of law school,” he said. “I have been able to focus on academics without the burden of looming debt, and I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity.”

Mulcahy also said her scholarship has allowed her to be a better student.

“My scholarship definitely has alleviated a lot of stress,” she said. “Not worrying about student debt has given me the freedom to examine all areas of the law that I am interested in, not just the ones that are the most profitable. I definitely perform better when I am under less stress, and my scholarship and circumstances have helped me succeed at St. Thomas.”

Mulcahy is the recipient of a Class of 2004 Endowed Scholarship, which was established by the law school’s inaugural graduating class several years ago because members wanted to “pay it forward” to future students. She hopes to pursue a career in estate planning and elder law.

“I want to ensure all people, despite age or ability, enjoy full rights and are treated with dignity,” she said.

The scholarship Mulcahy received also made her give St. Thomas Law a second look during her law school search.

“My scholarship offer drew me to look into St. Thomas,” Mulcahy said. “I thought I was set on another school, but then it was the people and culture at St. Thomas that ultimately solidified my decision.”

Gifts to St. Thomas Law make a difference and we are grateful for the continued financial support of our law school community that enables us to offer scholarships each year.

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