Salaried employees invited to become members of inaugural Exempt Staff Council

Exempt (salaried) employees are invited to be part of the larger UST community and contribute energy and ideas as a member of the inaugural Exempt Staff Council.

The Exempt Staff Council consists of 10 voting members elected for two-year terms. Representation is proportional from Academic Affairs (five seats) and Administrative Affairs (five seats). Council terms are staggered so that 50 percent of the members will be up for election each year.

The full Exempt Staff Council will meet monthly. Members also will be assigned to subcommittees and standing university committees. For more details see the bylaws.

To nominate yourself or an exempt staff co-worker to be a council member, fill out the nomination form here. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, Oct. 24. Voting on the nominees will take place  Nov. 3-7.


  • Nominees will be contacted prior to election for confirmation of their willingness to serve on the council, if elected.
  • Voting will be done online.
  • The election results will be announced in Bulletin Today.

For more information, contact: Richelle Wesley, (651) 962-6705; Sarah Spencer, (651) 962-6452; or Lisa Burke, (651) 962-5143.


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