How Simple Questions Lead to Great Innovations

Solving problems. That’s what innovation is all about. The more complex the problem, the more complex the solution, right? Not necessarily.

Guy Kawasaki, one of the world’s foremost corporate innovators, is a fan of the simple. He opts for asking simple questions, using a simple investor pitch deck, creating a simple corporate structure. Simple.

One might be surprised to know Kawasaki’s simple way of thinking was behind much of the original Macintosh advertising of the 1980s.

On September 4, Kawasaki will be at the University of St. Thomas as part of the inaugural Freshmen Innovation Immersion, a program that will teach incoming students to think like an entrepreneur. He will also be the Opus College of Business Opus Distinguished Speaker that evening.

He will explore the challenges presented when to creating a new company and reflect on the knowledge gained from his experiences at Apple, starting multiple companies, working as a venture capitalist, and advising dozens of companies.

How has he done all this? Through simple questions.