Staff reminded of policies for participating in VISION, international education activities

University staff who plan to accompany off-campus study or service trips nationally or internationally can find the most recent policies for their participation, compensation and leave on the Human Resources Department Web site.

Guidelines and policies for staff participating in off-campus activities sponsored by VISION and the International Education Center were developed and approved last April and finalized recently.

Staff who accompany study-abroad and service trips perform a range of leadership responsibilities under the auspices of the Office for Mission (VISION program) or the International Education Center (off-campus programs and courses).  Duties include providing support for students and for leadership teams, given 24-hour responsibility for these programs and courses.

Policy highlights include:

  • Eligible exempt and nonexempt employees who participate in these programs must meet all state and federal laws and institutional policies, successfully complete a thorough background check, receive advance approval from their supervisor and appropriate member of the Academic and Administrative Leadership (AAL) group, meet program qualifications and undergo training as necessary. Staff are approved to take VISION trips once every three years.
  • Employees approved for VISION trips are placed on paid leave for up to three weeks. If a trip exceeds three weeks, an employee must use his or her paid leave time or vacation.
  • A staff member who serves as assistant directors for an International Education Center-administered course is placed on paid leave for the duration of the course.
  • Hourly employees must be paid for all overtime while working on VISION trips.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Human Resources Department, (651) 962-6510