Student eBilling Statements Sent for Fall Semester

On Aug. 24, the Business Office produced the first student billing statement for the fall semester. Students and authorized users received an e-mail notification on Aug. 24 alerting them that the first eBilling statement for the semester was now available for review. The August eBilling statement has a minimum payment due by Sunday, Sept. 19.

Electronic statement billing (eBilling) is the exclusive method for student account billing. All charges to student accounts, including tuition, fees, housing, meal plans and miscellaneous charges, are available for the fall term via Murphy Online by entering a UST ID and PIN.

Paper billing statements are not mailed – student bills will be sent via electronic means only.

Students are the only individuals who can access information through Murphy Online; therefore, establishing authorized users is an important step in granting parents, guardians, spouses and other third parties access to eBills. Once established, authorized users can access an eBill and make payments on a student's behalf. Students need to provide authorization if someone else needs to view a billing statement or make payments.

For more information about the student billing process, call the Business Office, (651) 962-6600.