'Taxman Cometh Alleycat Bike Race' is Friday the 13th

'Taxman Cometh Alleycat Bike Race' is Friday the 13th

From BEAST (Bike Enthusiasts at St. Thomas)

Of course, BEAST members have waited to the final minute to file our taxes and we don't handle such stressful situations well. To cope, we jump on our bikes and bust a chain. So crunch your numbers and don't run over a black cat on your way to the post office, and then come down to "The Taxman Cometh Alleycat Bike Race."

Register at 5:30 p.m. Friday, April 13, at the arches; the race begins at 6 p.m. You must finish by 8:30 p.m. to qualify.

Here are the rules:

  • There is a $5 entrance fee: Winners will get the pool.
    There are 13 stops: You will get a manifest with the stops just before the race begins. You plan and then you ride. All speed racers must hit all stops.
  • There is a poker hand: Five of these stops will give you a poker hand and you can win if you get a winning poker hand, meaning you only need to hit five stops to win.
  • Art: There will be art set up at one stop and those who create the best bike-related art will win.

As you can tell, this race has several ways of "winning" that don't require sheer speed. So it is about competition, but it also is about fun.

For more on the details and rules, check the Facebook event listing.

Questions? Contact Connor Ryan, (507) 398-6511, or visit the BEAST Web site.