Tech Tuesday: IRT to Remotely Administer PCs, Macs for Operating System Software Updates

Information Resources and Technologies will be making changes to both Mac and PC desktop environments in order to facilitate security patches in a routine and reliable manner.

Security and software updates will be routinely “pushed” to Windows XP, 7, and Mac OSX operating systems in order to improve performance and help prevent spyware, viruses and other forms of malicious software from be installed on campus workstations.

Mac users:

Macs will now be remotely administered for vital software and security updates; consequently, machines will likely be re-booting at the end of various updates. Reboots may occur anytime after 6 p.m.

IRT recommends that all Mac users begin to get in the habit of saving their work and exiting all programs, logging off and restarting their workstations at the end of the business day.

This change to the Mac environment is effective immediately, and IRT will not be communicating routine updates that may require a re-boot.

PC users:

Windows operating systems will be modified to allow automatic updating at 3 a.m. as critical security and software updates become available.

Windows XP end users will see a prompt asking to re-start the machine in order for the updates to take effect. This will allow XP end users the opportunity to save work and exit programs before restarting the machine. The end user may choose to postpone the  restart until it is convenient for the end user.

Users who log off or re-start at the end of each day will notice no change or prompt, as the update download, install and re-boot will happen automatically.

Updates will be stored in waiting for PC laptops that are not on campus at the time of the software push; the updates will be received the next time the laptop is connected to the UST network.

IRT hopes that this operating change will result in minimal, if any, inconvenience.

Questions? Contact the IRT Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.