Ten elected to new Exempt Staff Council

Ten elected to new Exempt Staff Council

Ten members were elected to the new Exempt Staff Council during elections that were held Nov. 3-7.

A total of 18 staff were nominated from the university’s academic departments, and 10 were nominated from the university's administrative departments.

Elected members of the Exempt Staff Council are:

  • John Barron, Service Center
  • Margaret Cahill, Student Affairs
  • Linda Dorn, Registrar’s Office
  • Liz Dussol, Academic Counseling
  • Tony Lewno, Biology
  • Nate Rolloff, IRT
  • Kim Schumann, Academic Counseling/Enhancement Program
  • Sandy Schwartz, Business Office
  • Jerry Sweeney, Catering
  • Kay Wimer, MBA Student Life

The Exempt Staff Council will serve as a forum to foster communication at all levels of the institution, as well as promoting opportunities for exempt staff development, appointing representatives to university committees and, in general, focusing on cooperation in advancing the mission of the University of St. Thomas.