There's a Reason We Pick What We Pick

The Star Tribune had a great article earlier this month digging in to why we, as consumers, make the choices we do—particularly as it comes to local businesses. "Our decisions about everything from beer to briefs say something about us."

Reporters Kristin Tillotson and Bill Ward asked several local advertising experts what our choices reveal about our personalities, motivations and quirks. "We also asked them to leave the black-box marketing theories and quantified data on the shelf, to just shoot from the hip. They gave us an earful, we skimmed the cream, and now we pass it on to you, the consumer."

Here's just one response:

Cub or Rainbow? - Michelle Chester, Periscope: Cub is a predictably satisfying shopping experience for people who appreciate reliability, consistency, quality and common sense. Rainbow is like the Russian roulette of grocery stores, so these tend to be people who view shopping as a necessary evil in their lives and don't mind that the product quality and shopping experience can vary from store to store or day of the week.

Check out the whole slew of responses on everything from "Summit or Grain belt" to "Caribou or Dunn Bros." and "Hanes or Fruit of the Loom"over at the Star Tribune.