Apply for USG Vice President of Financial Affairs

Applications are available for the position of vice president of financial affairs in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). This position, appointed by the USG president, manages the USG operating budget, chairs the USG Finance Committee, and makes recommendations to USG and the president on matters of financial concern.

The vice president of financial affairs is a member of the USG Executive Board and also serve on the university's Board of Trustees Finance Committee.

Candidates do not need a financial background or USG experience to apply. To be considered for the interview process, click on the the USG website to view the application. Candidates must submit a completed application along with a résumé, and an approximately 500-word personal statement detailing their interest in the position.

Applications are due by Wednesday, April 25. Interviews will be scheduled the following week. Email the completed application to Mike Orth, USG president.