UST in the News

UST in the news

Here's a roundup of recent St. Thomas mentions of interest in various media. Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links do expire and change as papers move stories to "archive" status, and if links have expired, you're welcome to purchase access to the stories or use a search engine such as Lexis Nexis, available on the UST Libraries' Web site. In some cases, you'll need to register on the publication's Web site in order to access full text.

The list below is by no means exhaustive.  If you see a story about St. Thomas and would like us to include mention of it, be sure to drop us a note at

  • "Neal St. Anthony: Now's not the time to pass out CEO bonuses," Star Tribune, Aug. 16, 2009. The business columnist writes, "[Jim] Mitchell, citing a recent article in Fortune magazine -- not exactly a left-wing journal -- is aghast at some of what he has seen from his perch over the last decade as a fellow at the Center for Ethical Business Cultures at the University of St. Thomas." 
  • "Fear and Fury: What’s behind town hall tensions," Star Tribune, Aug. 17, 2009. "David Durenberger, a former U.S. senator from Minnesota and senior health policy researcher at the University of St. Thomas, has been impressed with the size and passion of the crowds showing up at the town halls. But he questions whether the participants are well-informed. 'There are so many people out there today relying on punditry and talk radio for information that it's hard to tell if this is real,' Durenberger said. 'We're better informed, but are we getting good information?'"
  • "Amy Eilberg, Wael Khouli, Charles Lutz: Peace is not a competition among faiths," Star Tribune, Aug. 18, 2009. Here's a commentary by Eilberg, a Mendota Heights rabbi who works at the Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning at the University of St. Thomas; Khouli, a Muslim who is a St. Paul physician and member of American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; and Lutz, a Minneapolis Christian who is Minnesota coordinator of Churches for Middle East Peace.
  • "Are co-ops the answer to health care reform?" Minnesota Public Radio, Aug. 18, 2009. "Some critics argue that startup subsidies would make the co-ops just another form of government-run insurance. Former Minnesota Republican Sen. Dave Durenberger, who now heads the National Institute of Health Policy at the University of St. Thomas, says a nonprofit health plan is no more accountable than the for-profit plans.
  • "Love Bytes: Love and Optical Illusions," Psychology Today, Aug. 18, 2009. Here's a blog by Dr. John Buri of the UST Psychology Department.
  • "Is Favre Missing Camp Sending Kids A Bad Message?" WCCO-TV, Aug. 19, 2009. "The reality is this: a future Hall of Famer plays by different rules. 'With the kids, I don't know what good message the kids learn from this,' said John Tauer, professor of psychology at the University of St. Thomas. Tauer is also an assistant men's basketball coach.
  • "Miesville's miracle man," Red Wing Republican Eagle, Aug. 19, 2009.  "Erik Olson watched from afar as the University of St. Thomas baseball team won the Division III national championship last spring. His Tommies. His title. His celebration. The unforgettable run came during a very forgettable time in Olson’s life. A blood clot in his brain, which led to a minor stroke, caused the four-year starter to miss the most important part of his senior season. All told, that empty feeling lasted roughly three months — but it felt like a lifetime to the self-described 'gamer.'"
  • "In U.S. News rankings, state's schools status quo," Star Tribune, Aug. 20, 2009.
  • "Officials encouraged by job gains in state, Finance and Commerce, Oct. 20, 2009. "University of St. Thomas finance professor David Vang said the state’s latest unemployment report is “very good news because of the new jobs created.” He noted that sometimes the state’s monthly unemployment rate drops because unemployed people get discouraged looking for a new job and subsequently drop out of the labor work force.
  • "Pastor Blames Tornado On Church's Vote On Gays," WCCO-TV, Aug. 20, 2009. "Bernard Brady chairs the Theology Department at St. Thomas. 'That idea is that in some parts of the Old Testament to say, Well God's punishing us for this, is not unusual,' Brady said. Brady said in the wake of disasters people try to explain the unexplainable. He pointed out it wasn't just the church that was hit and help to clean up came from all over. 'You can see the spirit of God in these kinds of acts without saying that God caused that to punish people,' Brady said."