UST in the News

UST in the news

Here’s a roundup of recent stories of interest that mention St. Thomas.

Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links do expire and change as papers move stories to “archive” status, so be sure to read stories soon if you’re interested. In some cases, you’ll need to register on the publication’s Web site in order to access the stories.

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  • “New-housing boom raises questions about supply of land,” Star Tribune, Feb. 11, 2004. “‘Who is going to buy those houses when the current occupants are ready to sell?’ asked George Karvel, a professor of real estate at the University of St. Thomas business school. ‘There is a very distinct possibility that the demand simply won't be there.’”

  • Know more, earn more,” Star Tribune “Working” supplement, Feb. 13, 2004. “Twin Cities business owners flock to the University of St. Thomas to take a class called Beyond Startup, offered through the John M. Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship. Some have master's degrees, some have bachelor's degrees, and others come from the school of hard knocks - they taught themselves. But no matter what their background, they come to learn.”
  • “Mission of mtvU: Connect with students,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Feb. 13, 2004. “According to the mtvU Web site, 11 colleges in Minnesota are listed as receiving the service, including the University of St. Thomas and Concordia University in St. Paul.”
  • Palestinian educator, politician to speak,” Star Tribune, Feb. 14, 2004.
  • “ ‘Passion of the Christ’ rouses faithful, worries others,” Star Tribune, Feb. 15, 2004. “Rabbi Barry Cytron, director of the Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian Learning at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, said, ‘I feel an obligation to see it.’ But he added that Jews are worried: ‘It could spill back upon the progress we've made [in relationships with Christians] over the last 40 years. We especially don't know what will happen in the rest of the world when this movie is shown and where there are no strong Jewish communities.’”

  • “ Worked over: The new Minnesota job market,” Feb. 15, 2004. “Steve Petersen, 52, a financial analyst with a master's degree in business from the University of St. Thomas, has been looking for work for more than two years. His tally in the job market: 300 résumés. Eight interviews. Zero job offers.”

  • “As competition heats up, companies turn to automation,” Star Tribune, Feb. 15, 2004. “[Dr. Fred] Zimmerman, an engineering and technology management professor at the University of St. Thomas, sees larger issues keeping manufacturing jobs under pressure.”
  • “Shooter,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Feb. 15, 2004. Sports columnist Charley Walters writes, “Look for Central High School graduate T. Denny Sanford, a Sioux Falls, S.D., banker, to make a substantial pledge to the University of St. Thomas soon. Sanford, who recently pledged $16 million for a new children's hospital in Sioux Falls and $1 million to his University of Minnesota fraternity house, was in Phoenix on Saturday to meet with top St. Thomas officials to work out a deal. ‘When (fellow St. Paul Central grad and Best Buy chairman) Dick Schulze made a pledge ($50 million) to St. Thomas, it was a wake-up call to me,’ Sanford said. ‘It's payback time. You can't take it with you.’ Sanford withdrew a $35 million pledge toward a Gophers on-campus football stadium when an agreement with the University of Minnesota couldn't be reached.
  • Minnesota job market poised for turnaround,” Star Tribune, Feb. 16, 2004. “Gary Boughner, 45, views unemployment as a delayed opportunity to find a career. He found little direc
    tion for 20-plus years after graduating from St. Thomas University with an English degree. His dabbling including a year in a Trappist monastery and a year in law school before he landed a job stocking shelves at a St. Paul book wholesaler. The company went out of business in 2002, and Boughner found himself out of work but aware that he couldn't have stayed in the job anyway. … ”
  • “‘Loading,’ key issue for General Mills, has long history,” Minnesota Public Radio, Feb. 16, 2004. “University of St. Thomas accounting professor Brian Shapiro says the case is centered on whether General Mills should have disclosed more information about sales trends.”
  • “Hockey rivals vie atop MIAC,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Feb. 17, 2004. The Tommies and Johnnies meet this weekend in a series that could decide the MIAC championship.
  • "St. Thomas senior guard Neal Anderson makes the most of his shot," Star Tribune, Feb. 17, 2004. The Tommies' scoring leader never made his high school varsity basketball team, but he's showing everyone how it's done now.