Grace Residence Hall is seen at sunset with the skylights of McCarthy gym in the foreground.  Taken April 11, 2011 from the top of the Anderson Parking Facility.

UST Photographers Showcase Their Top Picks of 2011

In 2011, St. Thomas photographers Mike Ekern, Mark Jensen and Thomas Whisenand turned in more than 5,000 photos documenting everything from building construction to athletic achievement to the small details that make up everyday existence on campus. The slideshow above represents their favorites.

“Some images are here because of significance of the events or people they contain. Others are here because they show you the campus and its people in ways you may not have seen them before. Still others are here simply because they are a photographer’s favorite,” said Ekern, UST director of photography. “But no matter the reason we chose to include a photo, know that it was taken with pride and with gratitude for the chance to show St. Thomas to itself. We hope you like what you see.”

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