UST School of Law graduates score a 90 percent pass rate on bar exam

UST School of Law graduates score a 90 percent pass rate on bar exam

University of St. Thomas School of Law graduates once again had the second best bar-exam pass rate among Minnesota law schools. Ninety percent of School of Law graduates who took the Minnesota bar passed the test. The number was the same for first-time test takers, where again 90 percent of School of Law graduates passed.

"Congratulations to our graduates on their success," said Dean Thomas Mengler, "and congratulations to everyone in the School of Law community who contributed to their success over the years."

The overall Bar Pass Rate for the July 2006 examination was 88.92 percent. St. Thomas' overall pass rate was second only to the University of Minnesota among the four Minnesota law schools. For first-time test takers, the overall Bar Pass Rate was 92 percent.

The bar passage news comes on the heels of the School of Law's second-consecutive No. 1 ranking nationally for "Best Quality of Life" among students, according to the Princeton Review.

"The Bar Pass results and the Best Quality of Life ranking reflect the value we place on balance and community," said Mengler." Academic success and the well-being of our students go hand in hand."

Bar preparation efforts are led by Scott Swanson, the School of Law's director of academic achievement. Swanson works throughout the summer with graduates as they prepare for the exam. The post graduation work is an extension of Swanson's work with students during their three years of law school. He provides tutoring services, advice, skills training and practice exams to any student who requests help.