Want to give away someone else's money?

Students who have already completed BUS200 have an amazing opportunity to make an enormous difference – $25, 000 worth of difference to be exact.

Last year a local business woman wanted to find a way to encourage young adults to become philanthropists. She knew the joy of providing much-needed funding to community organizations, and she also knew the importance of such work. She was striving to find an effective way to teach others about charitable and humanitarian giving.  She decided that she wanted to provide $25,000 for a group of students to allocate to worthy nonprofits.

She contacted the professionals at the University of St. Thomas’ Development Office and told them of her vision. These folks immediately thought of the Opus College of Business’ BUS200 program. They knew that these students experienced firsthand the rewards, and the necessity, of partnering with the community. These same students would know about the role of nonprofits to the health of our communities.

Dr. Barbara Gorski was contacted and she developed a model that was presented to this local business woman. Everyone was excited about the possibility of helping students learn more about personal and corporate giving. What an opportunity for everyone to gain: Students will have this amazing leadership opportunity, our nonprofits will gain financially, and the local donor will know she has had the multifaceted impact she desired.

Last year – the pilot year of the program – was sensational. During the luncheon, at which five nonprofit recipients were awarded $5,000 each, this generous donor announced that she would fund the program again this year.

Do you want to be part of this year’s Gibney Student Board and help give away $25,000? If you are an undergraduate business major or minor, have completed BUS200, and are going to be here over J-Term 2010, then you are eligible to apply. Click here for an application, or stop at the Student Services Office in McNeely #128. The deadline for submitting the application is 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12.