Web site launched to study 'Twice-Exceptionality'

A Web site devoted to twice-exceptional issues has been launched at the Univerrsity of St. Thomas.

The Web site will be a work in progress during the next five years as university researchers, in conjunction with four local school districts – Bloomington, Capitol Hill Magnet School, Inver Grove Heights, and South Washington County – conduct Javits grant research under the direction of Dr. Karen Rogers, assistant professor of gifted, creative and talented courses in the Graduate School of Education at the University of St. Thomas.

Dr. Karen Rogers

Dr. Karen Rogers

The mission of this project is to improve the system for identifying, supporting and educating children who are gifted but also may face obstacles to fulfilling their potential in a regular classroom.

 By following a group of approximately 100 students in four school districts in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for five years, implementing modifications as appropriate to their gifted curricula, providing support and additional education to their teachers, and offering education and support to their parents, the project hopes to unlock the key to both developing these children’s giftedness while also addressing their learning deficits.

A model will be created that other school districts across the country may use to better serve their twice-exceptional students.

Questions, comments and suggestions will be appreciated as this project moves forward.