Welcome these new employees to UST

Welcome these new UST employees

From Human Resources

Here is a list of people who were hired recently as full-time employees. Human Resources will publish the names of new employees semimonthly. Please help these new people feel at home.

  • Stacy Bacon, Development, Mail DEV
  • Anthony Bolton, Binz Refectory, Mail 5049
  • Julius Bwabye, Registrar's office, Mail AQU 106
  • Miriam Dekarski, undergraduate music, Mail BEC9
  • Joshua Hammar, Enrollment Services, Mail 32F
  • Nichole Hanson, International Education, Mail 44C
  • John Husnik, Physical Plant, Mail PHP
  • Tara Lyons, Enrollment Services, Mail 32F
  • Kathryn Mahoney, Enrollment Services, Mail FOL 100
  • Janine McQuillan, Rector's office, St. Paul Seminary and School of Divinity, Mail SOD
  • John Schwerkoske, Chemistry, Mail OSS 402
  • Rhena Tantisunthorn, full-time MBA program, Mail TMH100