Welcome to St. Thomas

Welcome to the St. Thomas community

The University of St. Thomas welcomes seven new employees who recently joined the campus community.

Welcome to:

  • Thomas Kelly, electrician, Physical Plant
  • Ann Kinkade, director, Family Enterprise USA, Opus College of Business
  • Nicole Kraemer, public safety officer, Auxiliary Services
  • Stefanie Hollmichel, circulation assistant, School of Law
  • Dalma Martinovic, assistant professor - biology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Meghan Sparks, admissions counselor, Enrollment Services
  • Samson Tekle, building service worker, Physical Plant

If you (or someone you know) were appointed to a full- or part-time regular position during the past two weeks but are not highlighted here, call the Human Resources Department, (651) 962-6510.