Work out anytime, anywhere with Wellness Center's Fit-in-14 fitness challenge booklet

No time to work out? Stuck in a workout rut? Frustrated with limited facilities on campus?

Join the Wellness Center’s Fit-in-14 fitness challenge – just in time for spring. This 14-week fitness program is designed to give students the knowledge to take control of their workout routines. The fitness program is a booklet that will help you design a workout that fits your goals, schedule and environment.

Many of the exercises can be done anywhere – no more “I can’t get to the gym” excuses. If motivation is a problem, sign up for the Fit-in-14 mailing list. Periodically, the Fit-in-14 team will send out workout tips, nutrition facts and encouragement to help keep you going.

Want to start the challenge? Stop by the Wellness Center anytime to pick up a booklet, while supplies last.

For more information e-mail the Wellness Center.