What projects should St. Thomas fund with beverage contract money?

What projects should St. Thomas fund with beverage contract money?

St. Thomas students, faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals to the Beverage Task Force Committee. The committee approves funding for support of student-focused initiatives using the proceeds from an exclusive beverage contract with Pepsi. Over the past several years the contract funds have been used to fund a variety of needs and projects that may not have regular sources of funding. The average cost of items funded is approximately $1,500.

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year. The Beverage Task Force generally meets two times during the academic year to review proposals. The next meeting will occur after spring break.

The application is available on line through the Campus Life web site.

To receive consideration:

  • Proposals must be for the purchase of durable goods that will enhance the student experience.
  • The item purchased should have a life cycle of at least three years.
  • Any recognized student organization or university department may request funding.
  • Requests from departments must have the signature of department heads indicating their agreement to maintain any equipment after its purchase.

To ensure consideration this semester, submit an application to Campus Life prior to March 25.

Questions? Contact co-chairs Mary Ann Ryan, Department of Campus and Residence Life, (651) 962-6133; or Carl Mickman, Undergraduate Student Government president, (651) 962-6145.