Where are you on the "Social Media Career and Engagement Curve"?

As Facebook, Twitter, and blogs become part of our daily activities, many business-people are concerned about how to manage their social media content to strengthen their social connections while maintaining a professional image.

Nathan Kring, Harvard MBA graduate and co-founder of social media strategy and consulting firm Catchfire Media, recently analyzed best practices in social media usage for business professionals.  In his article "Using Social Media Personally and Professionally: Where Do You Fit?", Kring offers examples of people in various stages of their careers and provides recommendations for the most effective use of social media vehicles for each.

The bottom line?  It's almost impossible to find an industry that does not use social media, and professionals need to become savvy about using social media tools to support their career development.  Kring provides a compelling example of how even high-level military officers are making use of social media.

Since we usually highlight UST graduates and local business stories on this blog, you might be wondering why I'm writing about a Harvard MBA who runs a company based in Des Moines.  Well, Nathan Kring is a high school classmate of mine whom I reconnected with on Facebook--and I became aware of his company's blog through a post on his Facebook page.  The power of social media networking, indeed.