2015 IT Salary Guide

In the growing (and constantly changing) IT industry, negotiating salaries can be a big challenge. Oftentimes, job candidates feel they don’t have adequate information available to determine where their salary stacks up to industry averages. Managers also have a delicate part to play because, especially in IT, competitive salaries are crucial to retaining the top employees who will make the firm stand out and succeed.

Many times, IT professionals aren’t aware of the industry standards for salaries, and finding reliable information with solo research can be time consuming and difficult. As the demand for IT professionals increases, it is especially important for IT employees to know what their expertise is worth. Since salaries can vary significantly based on geographical area, job function, title, size of company, and more, Versique – a local executive search and consulting firm – has compiled a 2015 Minnesota IT Salary Guide to put IT professionals in a better position to further their careers.

In addition to providing job seekers with a reliable resource for industry trends and salary ranges, the 2015 Minnesota IT Salary Guide provides useful information for employers looking to attract and retain top talent. The guide includes industry insight, salaries, role definitions, and even a list of perks offered to IT employees at a variety of top Minnesota companies.

To read more about the Minnesota IT industry, download the 2015 Minnesota IT Salary Guide today and get ahead of the curve.