A Day in the Life of ...

. . . an Army-Air Force second lieutenant nurse in World War II. Whoofda! I really have no idea what that would be like, but I do know what it’s like to wear the uniform that used to belong to such a veteran.

This isn't a photo of a nurse coming home from World War II, but of St. Thomas sophomore Lisa Weier in St. Paul last year.

Yes, on Thursday and Friday this week, I will don an olive-green skirt and jacket, complete with matching hat and tie, a tan undershirt and brown shoes. It will be very warm. People will stare. And I will dance on Saturday night. That seems very random, doesn’t it? Well, it’s really not, and it’s even the second year that I have done so.

The reason is the Victory Ball. This annual dance is the largest (and probably the most fun, in my humble opinion) that the UST Swing Dance Club puts on. The event is in commemoration of soldiers coming home from battle in World War II, duty done, heart break seen. But even with all the miseries of war came, for many, the joys of home. It’s really a beautiful thing to remember.

On a different level, since we are St. Thomas students, it’s fitting that the Victory Ball comes at this time of the year. With finals looming, there are smaller victories to be had, and summer is waiting for us. So, I’d encourage all of you to come to the dance on Saturday, May 12, to celebrate the past, the present and a bit of the future as well.

Check out the dance details.

Hope to see you there!