Participants sought for ADHD research study

Research participants are being sought for a clinical research study being conducted by John Dietzen, a graduate student in the joint University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine University Master of Social Work program.

According to Dietzen, past research has shown that people diagnosed with ADHD as children are more likely to develop substance abuse disorders. Dietzen's research will explore factors that respondents believe both prevented substance use and promoted it, specifically the role of family, peers, religion and medication.

To take part in the study, participants must be between the ages of 18 and 40 and have been diagnosed with ADHD prior to the age of 18. A past substance-abuse disorder is not a prerequisite to participate. Research participants will receive a $10 coffee card.

This study has been approved by the university's Institutional Review Board. To participate in the study, contact Dietzen, (651) 434-0124.