Aquinas Fellowships awarded to 16 students

Aquinas Fellowships awarded to 16 students

The Lilly Grant program, Beyond Career To Calling, announces its 2008-09 Aquinas Fellowships. The Aquinas Fellowship Committee reviewed 43 student essays on how the idea of personal vocation plays a role in their current studies and preparation for a career.

The mission of the Aquinas Fellowship program is to seek students who clearly demonstrate a profound understanding of vocation, and an ability to live it out in the many facets of their lives.

The recipients of an Aquinas Fellowship are:

  • Krystyna Brandt
  • Gregory Crane
  • John Paul Foley
  • Krista Griffith
  • Spencer Howe
  • Leandra Hubka
  • John Lodoen
  • Erin Lyle
  • Nicole Morse
  • Sarah Northenscold
  • Michael Pawlowicz
  • Philip Schumaker
  • Jim Stokman
  • Leah Streitman
  • Samantha Vosters
  • Jeffrey Wald

The Aquinas Fellowship Committee extends a sincere thank you to the faculty and staff who submitted letters of recommendation and to the students who wrote a vocations essay.