Available May 5: journal voucher approval process and online submission

Available May 5: journal voucher approval process and online submission

An online journal voucher system via Murphy Online-Finance will be available beginning May 5, according to the Controller’s Office and the Business Office.

Journal vouchers are used to make adjustments or corrections to cash receipt entries, cash disbursements or other accounting entries; for example, it could be used to correct an index code used to record a cash disbursement.

The new online journal voucher system will do the following:

  • Provide departments the ability to submit journal vouchers via Murphy Online-Finance. E-mail submissions will no longer be necessary.
  • Create an online approval process based on the established approval queues already set up within Banner.
  • Validate journal entries before they are submitted for approval.
  • Generate e-mail messages when vouchers are ready for approval, disapproved by approvers, or submitted to Banner.
  • Keep an electronic record of all journal vouchers submitted by an individual, including the reason for the journal voucher and any supporting documentation.

Training on how to use the new online system will be provided throughout May. Individuals who are authorized to initiate or approve transactions should attend one of the training sessions, as e-mails notifying you of approvals could start arriving in your mailbox beginning May 5.

All training will be conducted as Web training. Once you sign up via Training Online, you will receive information on how to join the Web training via e-mail within a day or two.

For more information contact Julie Swedberg, (651) 962-6105.