Berg's Work Cited in Justice Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Opinion; Prof Weighs in For National Media

Professor Tom Berg has been significantly involved in the Hobby Lobby case just decided by the Supreme Court. His scholarly work was quoted by Justice Ginsburg in her dissenting opinion. Berg has long been a leading advocate of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the statute involved in the case, and Ginsburg quoted him in that context, although her dissent rejected the businesses' claim under the Act.

Berg filed a brief in the case on behalf of former congressman Bart Stupak and the Democrats for Life of America, who supported the healthcare-reform law, but also supported the conscience rights of businesses whose owners believed that the employer insurance mandate required them to cover forms of contraception that could cause abortions.

He has written on the Hobby Lobby case and its implications for America magazine and for Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs. He has also been quoted on the case by, among others, the Washington Post, Minnesota Public Radio, America, and Christianity Today