Business 200 Program Celebrates 20 Years

This year the Business 200 program is celebrating its 20th anniversary at St. Thomas. To accompany this anniversary, several changes have been made to the BUSN200 program and curriculum.

The first, and most immediately noticeable change, is that the BUSN200 office has moved. The new BUSN200 Center is now on the second floor in McNeely 217. The center is staffed every day during regular business hours. This new space has enabled the changes to the curriculum and staffing.

A new curriculum has been created to reflect more closely key components of service-learning principles. Students will now have to begin BUSN200 within the first two weeks if they plan to complete BUSN200 that semester – just like other classes. Students will meet four times with a small group – the same small group every time, just like a class – throughout the semester. These small group meetings will take place in the new BUSN200 Center and will be much smaller in size than the previous curriculum’s seminar meetings.

The 40 hours of service requirement remains in the new curriculum; however, the assignments have changed drastically, with students now focusing their efforts on a guided Journal and Reflection project. The new curriculum is sure to foster more interpersonal and meaningful service involvements for students.

To ensure that students are fully supported as they make their way through the new curriculum, the BUSN200 staff has increased. With six more members, the staff has more than doubled over the summer. Students will have Dr. Barbara Gorski, the center director, and a student leader facilitating each group meeting. Student leaders are responsible for providing their group members the support that ensures their successful progression through the course in a timely and meaningful manner.

Students who have not yet met their BUSN200 requirement will be receiving detailed information for completing the BUSN200 course. Everyone is encouraged to stop by the new center in McNeely 217; also, stay tuned for events that BUSN200 will host as it celebrates 20 years of extending hands in service.