Career tip: Target Companies that Value Your Competencies

There are a couple of routes to take when job searching.  The most common and least effective route involves scouring the job boards and applying (along with the thousands of others) to the jobs posted.  The method most career coaches recommend is to create a marketing plan that includes your summary/pitch, objective, competencies, and target companies.

Once you have established this plan you can then focus your job search on making connections within those targeted companies and eloquently stating your objective (pitch) when you begin to meet with people.

A great way to search for ideal companies is to research what companies are doing well and why.  Forbes recently compiled this list of the 100 most promising companies of 2011, listing company description and profits.  One Minnesota company is on the list, Shop Jimmy.

Founded in 2007, Shop Jimmy recycles components from televisions damaged during shipping. Usable parts are salvaged, and the rest are recycled. Customers include retailers (Costco), TV repair shops and ambitious do-it-yourselfers. Received a $520,000 SBA Loan from Wells Fargo in July 2010. Founder and CEO Jimmy Vosika launched his first website, which distributed aviation parts, at age 15.

Take a look and see if any of these companies value your competencies and should make it in to your marketing plan.