Census 2010 will count students where they live

This March and April, the federal government will begin the 2010 Census, a constitutionally mandated counting of every person in America that occurs every 10 years. Everyone in the United States must be counted.

Students will receive forms where they live:

  • Renting off campus: The 2010 Census forms will be delivered or mailed to your house or apartment in March. All students living at the address are considered one household, so only one form should be completed. Include information about all the people living at that address on the form. Return the form in the U.S. mail envelope provided.
  • Living with parents or guardians: If you commute to school and reside full time at home, you should be accounted for on your household form with your parents or guardians.
  • Living on campus: If you live in a residence hall you’ll receive a 2010 Census form in April or May. No need to mail the form; simply complete it and turn it in to a designated site on campus. It’s that easy. Further details will follow.
  • International students and non-U.S. citizens: Every person in the United States must be counted, including noncitizens.

Students who study abroad this semester should not be counted in the Census. The Census counts only those who are in the United States on April 1, 2010.

For more information about the Census and where to complete the form, e-mail the Commuter Center or Residence Life.

See Census on Campus for more information about students and the Census.